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Minnesota Teacher of the Year - 1993


The Testimony of Bonnie Lutz: God has a perfect plan for each person's life. When I was selected the 1993 Minnesota State Teacher of the Year, numerous doors opened: I received honor, speaking engagements, all expense paid trips and honorariums. So why, upon reaching the pinnacle of my profession, would I still feel that something was missing?


As a teacher, I am required to continue and upgrade my education. For every "have to" education course I took, I also would take a couple of "want to’s" such as "The Meaning of Suffering," "Christian Ethics," and "Bible History." Of course, these "want to" courses were not accepted in public education, and I could not apply them toward any higher degree. However, I kept on taking them because I wanted to learn more about my Lord and my faith.


In April 1999, Dr. Don Hanson, a graduate of the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology in Brooklyn Center set up a meeting for me with Dr. David Sigvertsen, the president. He also very kindly accompanied me on the 320 mile round trip to Minneapolis.


My counseling session with Dr. Sigvertsen was incredible. He listened to my educational history, took notes, and reviewed the documentation of the courses I had taken. By the end of my session, it was determined I had more graduate credits than I needed to receive my Master of Arts degree. I immediately enrolled in their doctorate program and am at present working on my Pastoral Counseling degree.


Dr. Sigvertsen and Dr. Hanson encouraged me also to be ordained. On July 18, 1999, at my graduation and ordination, my life changed. I now have a new boldness and confidence. The Lord gives me many opportunities to do His work. I no longer feel fearful or that "something is still missing." My life is now more exciting than words can say.

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