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Admissions, Tuition and Associate Schools


At Minnesota Graduate School of Theology, we offer a fully accredited,  comprehensive curriculum of studies at an exceptionally affordable tuition.  Through our Associate Schools, we seek to make an accredited degree accessible to many students who otherwise would not have been able to afford the following: Undergraduate Programs, Graduate Programs, Licensure & Ordination, and Accreditation.


For additional information on Admissions, policies, and procedures, please contact Dr. Esther Sigvertsen Ph.D. at or call us at (763) 560-9610.

Admission and Fees


Application and Registration             $200.00

Matriculation Fee                                $150.00

Graduation Fee  (non-refundable)    $150.00

Administration Fee                              $50.00

Fees Due MNGST                                 $550.00


Other Fees:

Portfolio Assessment Fee                    $250.00

Tuition for Design Studies


Undergraduate Fee per credit              $35.00

Graduate Fees per credit                      $45.00

Life Experience Fee per credit             $20.00


Download an Application and Other Forms



We do accept credit cards. There will be a 3% charge add-on

Associate School Application


Contact MGST to learn what is required to become an Associate School.







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