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Graduate School of Theology

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Minnesota Graduate School of Theology

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    A Word from our President


    Our school has five major divisions of study to offer prospective students.  In addition to those five major divisions of study, we offer other options in our Designated Studies and External Research Programs Department.  Read more...


    Degree Programs in Four Major Divisions


    They are as follows: Biblical Studies and Theology; Pastoral Care and Ministry;  Clinical Pastoral Counseling; and Ministry and Chaplaincy Care.  Read more...


    Bonnie Lutz - Minnesota Teacher of the Year


    When I was selected the 1993 Minnesota State Teacher of the Year, numerous doors opened: I received the honor, speaking engagements, all expense paid trips and honorariums. So why, upon reaching the pinnacle of my profession, would I still feel that something was missing? Read more...


    Admissions, Tuition and Associate Schools


    We offer a fully accredited,  comprehensive curriculum of studies at an exceptionally affordable tuition.  Through our Associate Schools, we seek to make an accredited degree accessible...   Read more...




    Minnesota Graduate School of Theology (MGST) maintains accreditation with an international Christian accrediting organization that shares the school’s objectives of encouraging and maintaining sound Christian scholarship with the highest academic achievement.  Read more...


    Application, Internship, and Final Project Forms


    On this page, you will find PDF forms for you to download, complete and submit admission to Minnesota Graduate School of Theology, documentation of the required ministry internship, student resume and portfolio evaluation and instructions for your final project.  More...

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